Firefighting Success!

Over the last three weeks, I have written about my fire service journey. Last week I discussed the struggle of becoming a firefighter. This week is the success story.  …

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The Struggle

The photo above is from the U.S. Marine Corps Museum depicting a World War I Marine in hand-to-hand combat with a German soldier during the Battle of Belleau Wood in…

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The Badge

My blog post on March 1st described the first ride I ever had on a fire engine in Cedarville, New Jersey as a three-year old boy. The article laid the…

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New Year

The Rising New Year

The photo above was taken earlier this year as me, family members, and friends departed Atlantic Beach, North Carolina for a half-day fishing trip. The sun was rising, the fishing…

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veteran's day

Serving Our Nation

November 10th and November 11th. What is their significance to the United States?   November 10th, 1775 The United States Marine Corps was formed 247 years ago on November 10,…

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career threats

I’m Watching You!

The photo above is the monument to the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment located along the Wheatfield Road in the Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania. This soldier is keenly peering into…

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Dual Footprints Part 7

Dual Footprints Part 7 – A Commitment to Accountability Dual Footprints and Mentoring In June, I began writing this series addressing the commitments needed for a successful mentoring relationship. Previously…

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dual footprints

Dual Footprints Part 5

Dual Footprints Part 5 – A Commitment to Listen   Mentoring Over the past four weeks I have discussed several areas related to mentoring including: A commitment to time A…

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Dual Footprints Part 3

Dual Footprints Part 3 – A Commitment to be Transparent This is the third article in a series about coming alongside someone else and mentoring them. Part 2 discussed the…

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dual footprints

Dual Footprints Part 2

Dual Footprints Part 2 – A Commitment of Time This series of articles addresses coming alongside someone else and mentoring them, hence the dual footprints. Today, I am writing about…

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Grow and Listen

Dual Footprints

Dual Footprints Earlier this year I shot the above photo when my daughter and I took an evening walk along the beach in North Carolina. The footprints are a visual…

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know your team

Know your Team

In 1942, Rear Admiral Raymond A. Spruance assumed command of Task Force 16 prior to the Battle of Midway. His assignment resulted from Vice Admiral William F. Halsey’s admittance to…

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importance of trust

The Importance of Trust

“Regardless of the profession or situation, earning trust is paramount in leadership.”1 The photo shows two firefighters attacking a propane fire during a training session. Both individuals were assigned to…

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calm and collected

Calm, Cool, and Collected

“One trait that Meade evidently possessed was absolute coolness under fire.”1 The quote above from Meade at Gettysburg, describes the general as he and his troops weathered a heavy artillery…

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listen to us

Why Won’t You Listen to Us?

Every year, organizations invest millions of dollars purchasing equipment, vehicles, software, etc. in a bid to be more efficient and effective. Additionally, thousands of dollars are spent to train personnel…

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The Canister Effect

During the American Civil War, artillery batteries often fired canister shot as a defensive measure against the attacking enemy. In the photo above, canister is the item preserved in plastic…

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Anger, Pain, and Regret

Anger is a powerful emotion and uncontrolled it can bring about consequences that last a lifetime.   January Emergency On a cold and sunny Monday in January 2006, fire department…

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Up in Flames

This week I read an online article from Fast Company, Inc. titled Why no one on your team wants to be a manager anymore – and how to change that1.…

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The photo depicts an artillery demonstration at the Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland1 where Americans from the north and south clashed on September 17, 1862, the bloodiest day in American…

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Don’t wait to say…

Christmas 2021 has passed, but not the memories. Two weeks prior, my mother-in-law became sick and the Sunday afternoon before December 25th an ambulance transported her to the hospital. Given…

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Gators Gobbling Gators

Gators Gobbling Gators Earlier this month media outlets including USA Today ran a story showing video of one alligator eating another alligator in Horry County, South Carolina.1 The video is…

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They’re dead…

They’re dead… Turning on the television set in our family room the morning of September 11, 2001, I heard the eerie sound of multiple PASS devices emitting ear-piercing cries indicating…

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