“Coaching is a series of intentional conversations that empower a person to gain clarity and embody their calling.” Christian Simpson

Many people think of coaching as giving advice or mentoring. For a traditional example of coaching, look at baseball. The Bears are up to bat, and they scored two runs in the fifth inning off the Blue Spruce pitcher who is on the mound. There are two outs and an all-star batter steps into the box. Suddenly the Blue Spruce manager calls time out and he along with the pitching coach, the catcher, and first baseman convene on the mound for a conference to discuss the issue. The pitching coach tells the pitcher what is wrong with the delivery and instructs him on what the next pitch should be. This traditional approach to coaching is giving advice and telling the other person what to do. When that happens, the person being coached does not have to think because someone else is thinking for them. Rick uses a method of coaching that believes the client has the answer inside them.


As a certified leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team, Rick creates an alliance entirely focused on the client to help them find the answers from within, discover options, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop a plan to move forward. Posing thought provoking questions to the client is the key to unlocking the untapped potential that lies within all of us. As such, coaching taps into the unconscious mind and brings it forward into the conscious mind creating an environment of adaptation, adjustment, change, and growth. It is important to realize that a person can be trained for competence and coached for performance.

Rick works with people on an individual basis or with small groups. This is accomplished in person, on the phone, or virtually.