“Coaching is a series of intentional conversations that empower a person to gain clarity and embody their calling.” Christian Simpson

How would your life & career change if you invested in personal development and growth?

Many times, people fail to realize the difference between training for competence and coaching for performance.


As a certified coach, speaker, & trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Team, Rick creates an alliance entirely focused on the client to help them find the answers from within, discover options, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop a plan to move forward.


Rick works with individuals or with small groups in person, on the phone, or virtually.



Are you blindly walking through the smoke of career development?

What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your interview skills?


Rick’s interview package includes:

  • Identifying your core values using the Maxwell Leadership Value cards
  • DISC Behavior Assessment and debrief
  • Interview tips & tactics
  • Thought-provoking interview questions
  • Each package is customized to the rank and position you are pursuing


You invest your time and energy pursuing professional certifications, but what good are they if you can’t get past the interview panel? Now is the time to invest in your future!